Meet Amy Adams, Licensed Aesthetician

Specializing in personalized skin care for men and women

If you’re looking for a skincare expert who feels like a BFF—who knows her stuff and has a clear passion for helping her patients get gorgeous, healthy skin—you need to make an appointment with Amy Adams (no, not that Amy Adams 😉 at La Jolla Cosmetic Medical Spa.

She’s our newest medical spa provider, and brings years of experience in both classic treatments and newer technologies. What makes Amy so irresistible—and so very good at her job—is the intention behind her practice. She’s not just there to provide skincare, she’s out to help you make the changes you need to feel more confident every day.

I love skincare and the positive impact it has on people’s lives…when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, things get better. It’s a butterfly effect that starts with me and one other person, and it create monumental changes both for the person and the community. I really believe that.Amy  Adams, Licensed Aesthetician

Amy’s aesthetic education began early in life, thanks to a mom who taught her the importance of taking care of her skin, and showed by example how healthy skincare alone can dramatically reduce signs of aging.

My mom is totally the lady at the beach wearing long sleeves, pants, dark sunglasses and a wide brim hat! And when we’re together, people always ask if we’re sisters. Amy  Adams, Licensed Aesthetician

Experienced in a broad range of treatments, Amy loves helping patients design personalized plans that reap dramatic and  long-lasting benefits.

Services offered by Amy

  • Customized Skincare Plans: Using her extensive knowledge of skin types, common issues, and skincare products, Amy can help you design a personalized plan that includes clinic treatments and at-home products to meet your short and long-term goals.
  • HydraFacial MD®: it’s the facial everyone’s talking about, because it works—deep cleansing & toning for better skin after one treatment
  • Chemical Peels: including the ever-popular SkinMedica Vitalize Peel to renew & clarify for a more youthful complexion. Check out our Peels Q&A!
  • Geneo™3-in-1 Super Facialenjoy unparalleled skin nourishment with this exfoliating, revitalizing & healing facial to reduce signs of aging, restore skin volume & renew your glow.
  • Cosmelan MD Depigmentation Peel: the ultimate facial-peel combo to reduce dark spots and hyperpigmentation and reveal a more balanced, even complexion in just a few days.
  • LightStim® LED: A high-tech facial that’s great for any skin type.

Amy Adams: Beauty Boss & Taco Tour Guide

Get to know Amy on a more personal level.

All of the feels

There was a special person who was gifted a facial post-surgery at LJCSC. While I was performing her facial, she became very emotional. She had suffered a traumatic loss, but was bravely picking up the pieces. Afterwards, she told me not only had I given her the best facial she’s ever had, but the staff at the Medical Spa made her feel more welcome and at peace than she’d felt in years. That touched me more than I think I did her!

Material girl?

If I could time travel, I’d follow Madonna in the 1980s. Seems like such a bizarre, but fun time and lifestyle.

Taco Tour Guide

I take all my friends on taco tours in San Diego. A few of my favorite taco spots are TJ Oyster Bar in Bonita, Oscars in Hillcrest, Colima’s in North Park.

Italy, anyone?

I love the beach. Any beach, anywhere, any time. But really, take me to the Amalfi Coast. I’ll sunbathe, drink wine on a yacht somewhere, and read silly love novels.