Stop shaving & waxing and enjoy smooth, soft skin for years to come

Unwanted facial or body hair is a hassle and getting rid of it is far from fun (bikini wax, we’re looking at you). Laser hair removal to the rescue. This popular treatment permanently disables hair follicles so hair no longer grows in an area—helping you put a stop to it all.

An especially great option for patients who experience common shaving and waxing problems, such as ingrown hairs and irritation, laser hair removal can simply make your life easier.

Imagine being able to walk the beach in your bikini without hours of “prep” time, not think twice before wearing a sleeveless top, or never endure the pain of waxing again. At La Jolla Cosmetic Medical Spa, we have several laser platforms we can use to treat light and dark skin tones, including the fast, effective Elite Plus laser.

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How much does laser hair removal cost?

Our prices for laser hair removal at La Jolla Cosmetic Medical Spa are set per area and per treatment, allowing you to stretch out and budget for your sessions. Your total cost will depend on where you are having treatment performed and how many sessions are needed for satisfactory results (most patients need 5 to 7 treatments).

Laser hair removal cost per session and area:

  • Small area: $99 (e.g., upper lip or chin)
  • Underarms: $149
  • Bikini line: $199
  • Arms (upper or lower): $249
  • Abdomen: $249
  • Brazilian: $249
  • Lower Back: $249
  • Upper Legs: $299
  • Lower Legs: $299
  • Chest: $349
  • Upper Back: $349
  • Full Back: $499

If you’d like to learn more about laser hair removal in La Jolla, contact us to schedule your free consultation!