Get even and smooth with Elite+™ Aesthetic Laser

Using a multiple-wavelength system, the Elite+ by Cynosure offers fast, effective, and versatile treatment for hair removal, pigmentation correction, and vascular irregularity reduction.

We really love this laser—and so do our patients. We can fine-tune the intensity of each wavelength for a treatment that combines the utmost in comfort and efficacy.

Safe, effective laser hair removal for dark and light skin

The adjustable Elite+ can switch from high-powered 755nm Alexandrite to 1064nm Nd:YAG (a safer laser for dark skin) to achieve great results for a variety of hair and skin tones. The Elite+ has several advantages over older hair removal lasers including:

  • Faster treatments: an extra-large diameter covers more skin with each pulse, dramatically reducing your appointment time
  • Fewer treatments: Long-pulsed lasers like Elite+ have been shown to reduce unwanted hair by up to 90% after just 3 treatments.
  • Safe & effective for dark or light skin: the 1064nm Nd:YAG is considered the safest wavelength for darker skin tones

Reduce hyperpigmentation and balance skin tone

The Elite+ also offers the fastest and most powerful Alexandrite laser to treat dark spots, allowing us to selectively target and eliminate hyperpigmentation without compromising surrounding skin. Treatment only takes a few minutes, and most patients see dramatic improvements in just a few sessions.

Dramatically reduce spider veins

Elite+ laser is also excellent for treating small veins and vascular lesions, including red, blue, and purple spider veins. The typical treatment takes 30 minutes or less. Built-in cooling protects skin from overheating and helps you stay comfortable. You’ll see improvements after your first treatment, and many patients achieve their desired results after just 2 to 3 treatments.

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Elite Plus is just one laser we offer at La Jolla Cosmetic Medical Spa. Our priority is matching the right treatment(s) to meet your unique needs, and the best way to determine what those treatments are is to meet with you in person. Contact us today!