In the hands of our experienced injectables specialists, BOTOX can be your best-kept secret to looking naturally youthful and refreshed! With nearly 2 million treatments performed every year nationwide, BOTOX is one of the most effective, proven treatments to smooth frown lines, crow’s feet, brow furrows, and keep other bothersome signs of aging at bay.

There’s a lot to ♥ about BOTOX

  • Treatments take only about 15 minutes.
  • There’s little to no downtime.
  • You’ll have smoother skin and fewer wrinkles within just a couple of days.
  • Results last 3 to 4 months on average.
  • BOTOX can help you outsmart early signs of aging and even prevent wrinkles from progressing.

How much does BOTOX cost in San Diego?

At La Jolla Cosmetic Medical Spa, our regular BOTOX price is $14.50 per unit. We charge by the unit so you only pay for the amount of BOTOX you need. Get more details on BOTOX pricing »

Here are just a few things we can treat with BOTOX:

  • Frown lines (glabellar lines or “elevens”)
  • Crow’s feet
  • Brow/forehead furrows
  • Skin bands on the neck
  • Chin dimpling
  • Downturned corners of the mouth
  • Excessive underarm sweating (BOTOX disables the signal to sweat glands)

In addition to BOTOX®, we offer the alternatives Dysport®, and Xeomin®. At your consultation, we will be glad to discuss these options and help you decide what is best for you.

What to expect with your BOTOX treatment

We’ll start with a consultation to discuss your concerns and goals. If you decide to get BOTOX that day, we will provide a topical numbing agent to the injection area, and then your provider will inject the correct amount of BOTOX into specific points on your face using a very thin, tiny needle.

Following treatment, you can return to your regular day; just don’t do any heavy workouts until the following day. You may experience some mild, temporary bruising or swelling at the injection site, but this shouldn’t be easily noticeable by others. We can talk to you about using Arnica or another product to help minimize bruising. Results should begin to take effect within 2 to 4 days, with full results in about 8 to 14 days.

Lauren Amico Reed, PA-C, treats a patient with Botox

Enjoy pain-free BOTOX injections: add PRO-NOX™ to your treatment

We believe every patient deserves a comfortable experience, so we offer PRO-NOX™ self-administered nitrous oxide (laughing gas) as an add-on option. Unlike oral pain medication, PRO-NOX™ relieves pain and anxiety in seconds, but wears off in minutes. You can safely drive and do everything else without worrying about side effects.

Ask us about PRO-NOX™ at your consultation!

Evening & Same Day Botox Appointments

You may be able to come in for treatment the same day you call! We also have evening hours on certain days of the week. Call (858) 452-2066 to check availability.

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