CoolSculpting FAQs with La Jolla Cosmetic Medical Spa

How does CoolSculpting® compare to liposuction?

While both are designed to spot-reduce fat deposits, CoolSculpting® isn’t a substitute for liposuction. CoolSculpting® is best for those who are generally happy with their proportions but have moderate diet- and exercise-resistant fat bulges on the hips, abdomen, or other specific areas. Think of CoolSclupting as a way to put the finishing touches on a body that’s already fit and toned, refine small areas such as the upper arms or neck/jawline, or help your clothes look and fit better.

Actual LJCMS CoolSculpting Patient.

Liposuction is typically a better option for those with multiple, larger fat deposits, as well as those who desire more dramatic reshaping (e.g., creating an hourglass shape or reshaping the buttocks). Our board certified plastic surgeons can achieve these goals very well with liposuction surgery. Additionally, liposuction is still typically the best option for sculpting the torso, arms, legs, and neck, especially when your goal is to reveal muscle definition in detail. To learn more, visit our cosmetic surgery site.

How much does CoolSculpting cost?

At LJCSC and La Jolla Cosmetic Medical Spa, CoolSculpting prices start at $750 per treatment, per area. Click here for a detailed look at CoolSculpting costs and what you might expect to pay in total.

All You Need to Know About CoolSculpting


What are the risks and side effects of CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a non-surgical treatment, with no incisions or needles, so the procedure risks are very minor when performed by a qualified CoolSclupting provider. The most common side effects are temporary mild bruising, redness, tenderness, and numbness at the treatment site. In a small number of cases, patients will have prolonged numbness and tingling in the treatment area for a few weeks. Paradoxical adipose hyperplasia is a very rare side effect that may require surgical treatment.

Enhance your fat reduction with the Zimmer ZWave!

zimmer-aestheticdivisionEnhance your CoolSculpting® results with our Zimmer ZWave treatment system! Using radio pulse therapy (RPT), this quick treatment can increase fat reduction to maximize your CoolSculpting results. Best of all, it’s included in your CoolSculpting pricing.

How many treatments will I need?