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Weight loss isn’t always as simple as eating better and hitting the gym. Most people find they need a little extra help. A new non-surgical technology many patients have opted to try is a gastric swallowable balloon, Obalon. It helps patients reduce food consumption, but does Obalon really work?

One woman Allure recently featured says yes—but with some caveats. To help others succeed, she shares candid feelings and thoughts about what she would have done differently. As San Diego Obalon providers, we appreciated Ms. Robin’s candidness—it’s valuable reading for anyone considering Obalon. Her openness about weight, body image, and social pressures are another reason to check out the article.

According to one patient’s experience and hundreds of Obalon reviews, yes, it works—but the best results come with attention to nutrition and increased activity.

What Exactly is Obalon?

Obalon is a non-surgical gastric treatment that helps you lose weight by filling a portion of your stomach with three inflatable balloons over a six-month period. You add these one at a time during office visits over the first few months by swallowing a large vitamin-sized capsule. Once the capsule has reached your stomach, it is then inflated.

With balloons taking up room in your stomach, you will not be able to consume as much in a sitting, and over time, most patients lose weight. The ideal patient is categorically obese, meaning having a BMI over 30. It’s best if they have already tried diet and exercise without success and are motivated to lose the weight and keep it off.

Does Obalon Work?

According to this patient’s experience and hundreds of Obalon reviews, yes it works, but keep in mind that it works even better if you do your part. Eating healthy foods and following an exercise program have helped many patients achieve greater amounts of Obalon weight loss, in the 25 to 50 pound range. San Diego weight loss patients can take advantage of LJCSC’s proven system for supporting healthy lifestyle changes to boost their own Obalon results. More on that in a sec, but first let’s do a quick recap of what you’ll read in the Allure article.

Marci’s Obalon Journey:

After becoming unsatisfied with her weight and realizing her family history meant she was at high risk of developing Type II diabetes, Marci Robin decided to give Obalon a try. Though swallowing the first capsule took some effort, she succeeded and had an easier time with the second and third capsules.

Over the next six months, Marci lost a total of 25 pounds. And while those results weren’t all she’d hoped for, she was admirably honest about the process stating, “because I didn’t change the types of food I ate or increase my activity, I probably could have lost more weight.”

Challenges aside, Marci felt it was the perfect start to her weight loss journey. Why? She has kept off the weight and Obalon helped her realize that weight loss was possible for her—just like it has been for many of our LJCSC patients, including 4 of our own staff members!

Our input: Marci’s right—Obalon works, but Obalon with professional support works even better

Obalon is a great jumpstart to weight loss alongside healthier eating habits and regular exercise. It’s ideal for a person who needs to lose a moderate amount of weight and is willing to alter their current habits.

We know that can be easier said than done, so at LJCSC we provide our Obalon patients with the ultimate support system:

  • A 12-month Virtual Health Partners (VHP) membership, including free nutrition, cooking, and fitness classes, meal planning, fitness tracking, and tons more. (Marci said she had access to VHP but didn’t use it—at LJCSC we’re always here for our patients to help you learn how the features of VHP work so you can get the most out of the app.)
  • A complimentary series of Vitamin B-12 GLAMbooster™ shots to prime your metabolism as you lose weight with Obalon
  • A free BlueTooth scale that syncs with your VHP app, so you can check your weight in the comfort of your own home and adjust your strategy as you lose
  • A secret Facebook group to connect and share with other Obalon patients

LJCSC Obalon patients have lost more weight than the national average for Obalon, and with all the healthy lifestyle support we provide, they’re well-equipped to keep it off. Curious to learn more? Get all the details on the Obalon experience at LJCSC here.

If you want to learn more or you’re ready to give Obalon a try, contact us today for your free consultation—you’ve got nothing to lose, except unwanted weight!

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