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Let’s Face It…

Weight loss can be a difficult thing, which is why so many people struggle. The reason it can be hard (besides resisting break room donuts), is that for weight loss to truly work you need more than just a diet and exercise program… you need a support system. And we have it!

We have been looking for years for a way to help our patients lose unwanted pounds. The Obalon Balloon System is something we are truly excited about — so much so that four of our staff members have done the program!

For the past year, we have swallowed placebos, had balloons placed, taken photos, had weekly weigh-ins, had one-on-one nutrition appointments, and more.

LJCSC Obalon Patients Are Above Average

UPDATED: Here at La Jolla Cosmetic Medical Spa and LJCSC, we have inserted a total of 60 balloons into 21 men and women averaging age 46, including 16 complete and 5 actives Our patients had an average starting BMI of 37.35 with an average weight loss of 34.95 pounds and total body percent lost of 12.59%.

Our patient’s average weight loss is:

  • 2.4 pounds better than the national average at balloon 1 (7.19 pounds avg lost 3 weeks in)
  • 1.6 pounds better than the national average at balloon 2 (11.83 pounds avg lost 9 weeks in)
  • 3.9 pounds better than the national average at removal (25.29 pounds lost avg after 24 weeks)

The Result?

We have created what we feel is the ULTIMATE Obalon Program in Southern California.

The LJCSC Difference

To ensure your long-term success, we include the following items in every Obalon package:

The ULTIMATE Obalon 12 Month Subscription to Virtual Health Partners (VHP)

  • 12 months of access to the online platform and mobile app. The balloons come out at 6 months but we want you to learn the behaviors and habits to make your goals stick. This is why we include a full 12 months of support.
  • You get 6 live virtual 1:1 appointments with a Nutrition Specialist via video chat or phone. Schedule at a time that works best for YOUR busy schedule. Weekends, early morning, or evening appointments available.
  • 8 fitness classes per month. There’s something for every skill level! Get strong at your own pace.
  • 4 nutrition classes per month. You’ll get excellent info on trends, healthy living, and more.
  • 2 behavioral health coaching classes per month. You’ll learn strategies to make successful and lasting changes.
  • 4 live virtual support groups. Share experiences, ask questions, and motivate your peers.
  • Access to the full media library. There are cooking classes, menu planning, on-the-go meal prep, behavior classes, fitness classes, to name a few.


My Virtual Health Partners have truly thought of everything… you also get:

  • Advanced appointment scheduling and tracking
  • Food diary (enter in to keep track of your daily intake and % of daily calorie goal)
  • Search food items or scan product barcodes to get detailed info on calorie and nutrition data
  • A beautifully designed mobile app to track everything right in your back pocket
  • Unlimited messaging with your VHP team
  • Integration with your Fitbit (or other fitness trackers) and Bluetooth scale
  • HIPAA compliant and password encrypted portal and video chat system

12 Vitamin B-12 GLAMbooster™ Shots

A Bluetooth digital scale is included with your Obalon procedure at LJCSC
Our digital Bluetooth scale makes tracking your weight a breeze!

We also give you twelve Vitamin B-12 GLAMbooster™ shots to help you with your weight loss goal. You can come in weekly, or a few times a month. It takes just a minute to do and will help you feel your best!

Bluetooth Scale

Having accurate weigh-ins is critical to success, so we include a digital scale that syncs with your VHP app for easy weight tracking to keep you motivated and on track!

Lab Work

We include your pre-treatment lab work and pregnancy test.


As our team and patients go through the Obalon weight loss program, we will bring you exclusive content, videos, and tips to help get your Obalon!

Secret Facebook Group

Also included to aid in your support and motivation is Obalon’s private Facebook group so you can share information with and lend support to other Obalon users from around the country!

We think all of the above items will aid in your success and we are committed to this year-long journey with you!

~ Lauren Amico-Reed, PA-C and Your LJCSC/La Jolla Cosmetic Medical Spa Obalon Team





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