Chief Executive Officer

Marie Olesen, La Jolla Cosmetic Medical Spa’s and LJCSC’s CEO, began evaluating customer service as a child. She completed her first comment card at age 12 to report shuttle service delays at Disneyland. The manager responded, apologized and said they would fix it before her next visit to the Magic Kingdom. She recalls that experience with Disney as a life lesson that shaped her subsequent thinking and actions.

customer service letter
Marie’s first customer service experience led to a lifetime commitment to patient care.

Marie went to work for her first doctor while still in college and says her entire professional life revolves around two guiding principles:

  1. Helping good doctors take better care of their patients
  2. Helping patients find good doctors

There was little understanding of the needs of cosmetic patients when Marie’s husband, R. Merrel Olesen, MD, founded LJCSC in 1988. To make sure their patients were happy, Marie began surveying LJCSC patients and has done so continuously for 31 years. A self-admitted data junkie, she loves exploring patient feedback for insights that can help LJCSC and other practices better serve their patients.

To help consumers in their shopping process, Marie and Dr. Olesen co-authored Cosmetic Surgery For Dummies in 2005. Marie speaks nationally and internationally on innovative patient care and consumer topics. She is a contributing author to The Business of Plastic Surgery.

cosmetic surgery for dummies the business of plastic surgery

Marie is a known innovator in cosmetic patient care and communication. Driven by the needs identified by LJCSC patients, she developed two industry-transforming technology solutions.

  • To help practices optimize patient experiences using technology, she created Inform&Enhance® software in 1994. Marie’s company was purchased by Mentor/Johnson & Johnson in 2003. Her software is still used by hundreds of practices, including LJCSC.
  • Frustrated by fake and false reviews, Marie founded RealPatientRatings® in 2011. She created 100% verified ratings and reviews in a patent-pending process to help consumers find good doctors and help the good doctors tell the true story of their quality. Patients from hundreds of practices have answered over 5.6M questions about their cosmetic surgery and Medspa experiences. RealPatientRatings® has published over 200,000 ratings and reviews. LJCSC uses its services to gather patient feedback. The Olesens have minority ownership.

Marie serves on the Board of the Center for Services Leadership at Arizona State University which is known for its pioneering work in patient satisfaction and the science of service. Although Dr. Olesen retired in 2005, Marie carries on their joint vision for a quality cosmetic practice that provides safety and great patient experiences.